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Birthdate:Sep 11, 1989
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America

I ran barefoot across the crumbling earth as it fell to ruins
Why do you laugh with such desperate eyes?
I was only forgiven by the moonlight
Shine bright morning light shawna, emu, bird, chihiropi (LJ)
x.age.x 19
x.gender.x female happy, optimistic, open-minded, playful
x.likes.x japan, korea, writing, anime, videogames, movies, yaoi kaya, schwarz stein, kalafina, the gazette, girugamesh, d'espairsray, dari(italian), hangry & angry, utada hikaru, bigbang, super junior, brown eyed girls, breathe carolina, the medic droid, the white tie affair, katy perry, lady gaga, 12012 (old days), vidoll (old days)
x.anime.x kara no kyoukai, kuroshitsuji, gravitation, wolf's rain, ergo proxy
x.manga.x boy princess, vassalord, kuroshitsuji
x.movies.x transformers, slumdog millionaire, the boy in the striped pajamas, the replacements, bio-dome, pineapple express, zack & miri, v for vendetta, domino
x.videogames.x role-playing, resident evil 4, resident evil: the umbrella chronicles, final fantasy, xenosaga, trauma center: new blood, mario kart, rock band 2, call of duty: waw, super mario smash brothers
x.books.x the tragedy of miss geneva flowers, looking for alaska, middlesex, amy tan, anchee min
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